The Kitty Cafe

img_2529.jpgToday I went to a cat cafe called Charm Kitty, and it was a very pleasant, relaxing experience. While it was more along the lines of a coffee shop than a restaurant, it was still a fun time to be surrounded by small furry felines.

What was really neat about the cafe was the fact that every single animal there was from the humane society and up for adoption to good homes. Being able to sit down and play with an animal before taking it home is definitely a great way to pick your new pet, if you’re interested of course. The cats in the play area were all very friendly older ones, with only a single skittish individual who still accepted petting once he was in his favored hiding spot.

There weren’t really any dining areas in the establishment sadly and I felt like it could have benefitted from an area specifically for eating. I can understand why the staff wouldn’t like food around cats however. While the decor was nice, it also felt a little bare. I suppose this may have been purposeful to keep attention on the cats but it still felt a bit lacking to me. Of course, this honestly didn’t matter to me until after the experience when I thought back. Not owning cats myself, I found that being able to pet them and drink coffee on a bean bag was a great experience in itself and I would definitely do it again.


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