Feeling Halloweeny

It’s that time of year again, the season of pumpkins, crunchy leaves, and fun frights. I think Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays, even if I am too old to trick or treat. Just the act of dressing up is enough to excite me in the Fall.

Sadly, a lot of adults forget the fun of Halloween after they lose their ability to beg for candy at their neighbors’ doors without judgement. Maybe it’s my aspie-ness but I never understood this. People tend to miss that there are plenty of other opportunities to show off that awesome costume idea or just enjoy the holiday spirit.

As for me, even if I’m indoors the night of Halloween I’ll still wear my costume. I’ve got no shame about that. I’ve thrown my own little Halloween parties for just me and my pup before. Sounds boring, but it was actually pretty fun and my fluffy friend got lots of puppy treats on those nights! I watched tons of horror movies and gave candy to passing trick-or-treaters too. If I can of course I’ll have friends over, but the point is that I can still enjoy it when they’re not up for the task. I doubt that’ll be much of an issue anymore now that I have Dylan though.

Pumpkin patches are also good for fun Halloween shenanigans. I love picking out my own pumpkin. Usually I get a kick out of choosing the smallest ones I can find, that or the biggest. Don’t even get me started on carving them! That’s the best! And to those of you that have never made a scarecrow, well you’re really missing out.

This year I haven’t done much of anything yet, but Dylan and I have picked out matching Halloween costumes and we’ve scheduled two little events to spread the spooky spirit around. I’m pretty sure this Halloween is going to be the best I’ve had, and I hope to all those who are reading that yours will be too!


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