Rats are Rat-i-cal

I’m sure you could tell from my blog name that I have a bit of a passion for rats. This happens to be my special interest as an Autistic individual, and honestly I’m very proud of it. It makes me happier than ever to see cute photos of these little creatures, or to hear about heartwarming stories told by their owners. Much of my art is inspired by these rodents, and I have to thank them for a lot of my current ideas and stories.

So, why do I like rats so much, especially when the rest of society sees them as disease-ridden vermin? Well, it’s for many reasons. Some of it is the cute factor, of course. I find rats to have adorable features, like their whiskers and furry potato shaped bodies. Their antics are cute too. Watching someone’s rat steal a raisin from their hand right as they were lifting it to their mouth, or grabbing a pair of underpants before hopping away across the floor is a humorous scene to be sure. Rats are also quite cuddly. Look up cute rats on YouTube and you’ll surely find videos of rats snuggling up with their owners. As a viral post on Facebook puts it, they’re just like tiny dogs.

Alongside these, there is also a symbolic meaning to my enjoyment of rats. Having been born with Autism, I was always an outcast throughout my childhood, often called ‘nasty’ or ‘weird’. Rats similarly receive this treatment. They are hated and shunned by humanity as monsters. In truth, domesticated rats are sweet little things who can be trained and played with. Rats can also be heroes. A rat named Fido saved his family from a fire, and in laboratories, it’s been found that they will rescue each other from harm’s way.

There are so many reasons for my love of rats, and if I tried to list them all here, this blog post would go on forever. While I cannot own any of these creatures in my current living situation, I do hope to have a couple as part of my family in the future. That day will be a dream come true.


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