Transformice- Cute Confusion

Usernames have been edited out for the safety of the gamers. Squeak!

Transformice is a free to play multiplayer game on Steam where users take on the role of mice and work to help each other secure cheese. Each level is a puzzle where the players must maneuver themselves around obstacles with the help of a “Shaman” who can spawn and rotate items in order to create floors, ramps, and ladders for their fellow mice.

A couple of years back, I had grown attached and addicted to this game. It was cute, fun, and a great way to spend time with online friends. However, this was all after learning the game, which was quite a task in and of itself.

Transformice was hard to get into and definitely hard to relearn. As someone who is not new to the game, I attempted to pick it up again recently. I expected to have fun like old times, racing for cheese and playing with other mice like myself. This was not the case, at least not immediately.

When I entered the game I was greeted with confusion on a level I seemed unable to beat. Others were climbing a block to the other side, but I just couldn’t seem to join them. This is because of a special jump one can do in the game. Sadly, you are not told of this when you just hop into a match, but if you jump onto an object standing at ninety degrees, turn, and jump again, you can slowly make your way up. I remember having trouble learning this my first time around playing the game. I am having trouble again. Other things are a bit hard to grasp too, like being a Shaman.

In every level of normal gameplay, one mouse will be designated the Shaman and will receive special abilities to create various objects and help mice with certain powers in their arsenals. This has to be one of the most difficult tasks to learn. If you are not good at building, or if you just can’t make heads or tails of which powers do what, being a Shaman can be torture. Even when I was a more seasoned player, I hated being chosen as the Shaman. You can make a private room in the game to practice this role and there is a page with instructions on the website, but I think an actual tutorial telling you what to do and when is in order.

Now, there is a lot of fun to be had with the game once you learn it. When you have a kind team of mice, it can be a blast collecting cheese. For this reason, Transformice is great for playing with friends who don’t care whether or not you fail at building a bridge. There are also adorable customization options in the shop, though some may or may not be some sort of copyright issue, like the Eevee skin and Rainbow Dash hair.

Overall, I do enjoy Transformice a lot. I like playing it with friends and customizing my mouse. The aesthetic is also adorable and the mice are very cute. However, for a new player I would advise seeking help if you wish to learn how to play. You can look at what other, more skilled players are doing and learn from that, but often this is a bit too hard for a casual gamer to do. I know I needed some aid with it myself.


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