Pet Expo, More like Dogfest

Today I went to the Pet Expo, a convention of sorts for pet owners and their critters alike. I had been there as a child before, but it’s been years since. I was excited to see it again.

When I was first walking into the expo with my boyfriend my eyes were immediately greeted by the sight of many, many dogs. Now, I had expected this. Dogs are the easiest animals to bring to a pet expo after all, but it seemed like there were almost no other creatures with their human companions. In fact, out of all the people in the crowd, besides the shops selling them, I saw maybe three other critters, a bird, a rabbit, and a cat.

Even when it came to the stands that sold animals like lizards, turtles, and rodents, there weren’t very many. Most sold products related to the canine variety. As someone who had came to look at more exotic creatures though, I was a bit disappointed. It was still fun, but not quite as much as when I was younger. But hey, I got to hold a rat and I think it may have completed my entire existence, so there’s that!


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