My Oasis- A Relaxing Experience

If you’ve ever felt anxious or depressed, you know that it can be rather draining and very hard to perk up from. Why, just today my mood shot downward after being yelled at by a woman, clearly afflicted with road rage, in a Toys R Us parking lot. The ordeal made me feel pretty messed up, but I knew exactly what to do once I returned to my boyfriend’s house. I opened up a very special app on my Iphone called My Oasis.

I got My Oasis after seeing an ad for it on Facebook and was quick to download it for its calming scenery and music. The game itself is much like Tap Tap Aquarium, where the player makes in-game money by tapping the screen. As the Oasis grows, more animals and plants are added and can be seen going about their own business on the little floating island. The graphics, sound effects, and music come together to make the experience very serene. There are also notes that the player can press to make sound. Some of the creatures on the island will give extra currency to the player for following along with a melody, and certain combinations will change the weather or time of day.

After a few minutes of playing the game, I felt my mood begin to rise as my thoughts were redirected from screaming in a parking lot to growing my peaceful little island. It really does wonders for me. The game is also completely free albeit the ads you can choose whether or not to watch. There is a certain currency which you can purchase if you’d like, but I find that you can grow your island just fine without it.

Overall, I find My Oasis to be a very relaxing experience. The gameplay isn’t complicated, nor does it need to be. Its simplicity makes it easy, fun, and perfect for when you need a nice break from reality. I can’t wait to see what my island will grow into.


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